Sky3DS Features:

  • * Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support.
  • * Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V9.8.0-25J).
  • * Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP,KR,AU...).
  • * Support online game and eShop access.
  • * Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC/SDXC card.

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User Instructions

1. Please download the DiskWriter and template to your PC, and you will get two file;

2. Run the "DiskWriterV2.02b1.exe" app as an administrator role;

3. Before running DiskWriter app, you have to intall the ".Net FrameWork V4.0+" , otherwise go to step 5; 

4. After you installed the Microsoft .NET Framework, reboot your PC and then re-open to run the "DiskWriterV2.02b1.exe" app as an administrator role;

Note:Please run the diskWriterV2.02b1 on a Win7/8 PC as an administrator role, and make sure to use a USB adapter(not a SD adapter) with your microSD card.

5. Insert a Microsd card with an USB adapter into your PC(WIN7/8 OS) , and the option will appear "USB2.0 CARD-READER USB Device (\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1)", select it and then click the button "Go!" ;

6. There will be a warning "The selected drive is not currently formatted for this application". Just click "Yes" to go on; 

7. "DiskWriterV2.02b1" is running normally should like below; Choose "File" ->"Format"; 

8. Again, there is a important warning to inform you that " Formatting the dirve will destory ALL information on it! Are you sure you wish to processed? " , click "Yes" to confirm, then another warning inform you once again, click "Yes" , 

9. Click "OK" after format complete; 

10. Choose "Option" -> "Change Template" to select template file;

11. Choose "File"->"Write" and choose your favorite 3DS roms and then its will be written into your microSD card in a few minutes;

12. After writing completed , insert the microSD card with Sky3DS into 3DS console to enjoy it.
(See more detail of Diskwriter V2.02b1 user guide)

SKY3DS card useful informations:

1. Switch to next GAME:
Press red / blue button , sky3ds will save EEPROM to microSD card, it will skip to next game, at the same time,will read this game save data with EEPROM to microSD card, then you can start to play.

2. Restore single game save data from PC:
With your sky3ds on 3DS, switch to other game(not the game you need to restore save data), and pull out the microSD card , insert with adapter to connect with PC. Open Diskwrite tool to do single game “Restore Save”option from one of your“.sav”files, insert Sky3ds with microSD card into 3DS Slot, press red/blue button and cycle to the game(you need to restore save data one) and enjoy.
Note:If you forgot switch to other game , please follow step 4.

3. Restore all games save data:
Open Diskwriter tool to do “File”->“Restore Save data”, save file to PC , insert Sky3ds with microSD card into 3DS Slot. Then follow the step 4 did.

4. Initial SKY3DS:
Power on your 3ds console , hold to press red/blue button with finger, insert to 3DS Slot with your sky3ds , it will not display any game icon on screen. Pull out sky3ds and insert to 3DS again , the LED light will flashing fast, the game icon still doesn’t display. Again, pull out sky3ds and insert to 3DS, LED light flashing and turn off in few seconds, this means the first game save data has been read EEPROM normally from MicroSD card, you can play to enjoy it.

5. Before you change to new MicroSD Card or delete game save data:
If you currently have game save data saved in SKY3DS, and you want to be change to another new MicroSD Card, you should press the red / blue button to switch to next game, the game save data will be saved from the EEPROM memory to the SD Card.